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Latin America Strategy and Macro Views

Macroeconomic views on the main Latin American countries: Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay. Usually focused on an unifying theme, then analysed under the particular lenses of each country. There are six to eight editions per year.

Last publication

2018 Latin America Macro Outlook
Published in 12/20/2017
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Previous publications

Improving External Conditions, Less So at Home
Published in 07/13/2017
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Monetary Policy in LatAm: The Road Back to Neutral
Published in 03/29/2017
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2017 Latin America Macro Outlook
Published in 12/15/2016
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Growth Decelerates in the Context of Improving Inflation
Published in 09/27/2016
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Sights Set on Credit Ratings: The Fight to Stand Still 
Published in 03/21/2016
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Year Ahead 2016
Published in 12/17/2015
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Who’s Afraid of China?
Published in 09/11/2015
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How Badly Do LatAm Governments Need Belt Tightening?
Published in 06/26/2015
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Is Inflation in LatAm Slowing as in the Rest of the World?
Published in 05/07/2015
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Will LatAm Join the Monetary Easing Rush?
Published in 02/24/2015
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Policy Normalization Amid Slower Potential Growth Rates?
Published in 12/18/2014
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Damaging Consequences of Deflating Super-Cycle
Published in 11/11/2014
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