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Latin America Strategy and Macro Views

Macroeconomic views on the main Latin American countries: Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay. Usually focused on an unifying theme, then analysed under the particular lenses of each country. There are six to eight editions per year.

Last publication

Synchronized Growth & Politics
Published in 03/28/2018
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Previous publications

2018 Latin America Macro Outlook
Published in 12/20/2017
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Improving External Conditions, Less So at Home
Published in 07/13/2017
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Monetary Policy in LatAm: The Road Back to Neutral
Published in 03/29/2017
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2017 Latin America Macro Outlook
Published in 12/15/2016
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Growth Decelerates in the Context of Improving Inflation
Published in 09/27/2016
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Sights Set on Credit Ratings: The Fight to Stand Still 
Published in 03/21/2016
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Year Ahead 2016
Published in 12/17/2015
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Who’s Afraid of China?
Published in 09/11/2015
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How Badly Do LatAm Governments Need Belt Tightening?
Published in 06/26/2015
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Is Inflation in LatAm Slowing as in the Rest of the World?
Published in 05/07/2015
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Will LatAm Join the Monetary Easing Rush?
Published in 02/24/2015
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Policy Normalization Amid Slower Potential Growth Rates?
Published in 12/18/2014
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Damaging Consequences of Deflating Super-Cycle
Published in 11/11/2014
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