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Welcome to Brazil - Santander

Santander with you in Brazil

We want you to enjoy your trip, so we will provide the international services you need. You don’t even have to be our customer.

International Withdraws


You just need an international card to make a withdrawal – MasterCard and/or Maestro (Cirrus) or Visa and/or Electron (Plus).

Other services available at our ATMs

Balance inquiry (Current and/or savings account). Make sure your bank offers these services.
Important: withdrawals in local currency (Real) are subject to fee charges¹. The fee amount will be charged in the local currency of your card’s issuing bank country. Fee amount conversion, taxes or exemptions, as well as transactions allowed, are under the responsibility of the card’s issuing bank. Talk to your bank.

Check how to withdraw in local currency (Real – R$):

1. Identify the logos of Cirrus and/or Plus networks at Santander’s ATMs.

2. Insert your card and choose the language: English, Spanish or Portuguese.

3. For inquiries and/or withdraws, enter you pin.

4. After finishing your transaction, a receipt will be printed in the language you chose.


Besides withdrawing in local currency at our own ATMs, you can also use the Banco24Horas (Bank24Hours) ATMs.

Money Exchange

To buy or sell currency², you can count on over 200 Santander branches, located in 13 Brazilian states.

Learn about the conditions and benefits:

• Competitive exchange rates.
• Guaranteed repurchase of unused notes, upon current exchange rate.
• Tax over fiinancial transactions (IOF) of 1,1% when buying and 0,38%, when selling to Santander.
• The only document needed when buying or selling currency is a valid passport.
• Purchase or sale of currency up to R$ 10,000 (ten thousand reals) in no later than 90 days.
• Check the fees for cash purchase and sales of currency on the Current Fee Chart.

1 - The so-called "Withdrawals in Reals with card (credit or debit) issued abroad" fee is applied. The fee amount is found in the Current Services Chart.

2 – According to the Normative Instruction from the Brazilian IRS (nr. 1,385 of 08/15/2013), the traveler who enters the country or leaves it with over R$ 10,000.00 (ten thousand Reals) in cash, in local or foreign currency, must declare it to the Brazilian IRS through the internet by filling out and recording the Electronic Declaration of Goods (e- DBV). The declaration form is available on     

Availability of the four most tradable currencies

US Dollar and Euro

In over 200 Santander branches around Brazil.


Pound in Santander Branches at Av Paulista, 1374 , São Paulo-SP and in the main international airports in Brazil: Guarulhos (Terminal 2)– SP and Galeão – RJ.


Iene in Santander Branch in Guarulhos international airport (Terminal 2).