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About Santander Brasil

Corporate Profile

We are Banco Santander Brasil, the only international bank with scale in the country, where we are the third largest private bank. With focus on Retail and tight integration with Wholesale Banking, we are part of the Santander Group, which is headquartered in Spain, and we accounted for 29% of the Group's global results in the first six months of 2019.

We are listed on the traditional segment of B3 – Brasil, Bolsa, Balcão, where our common shares, preferred shares, and units trade under ticker codes SANB3, SANB4 and SANB11, respectively, while our American Depositary Receipts (ADR) are traded on NYSE under ticker code BSBR.
We are convinced that the best way to grow in a profitable, recurring and sustainable manner is by providing excellent services to enhance client satisfaction levels and attract more customers, making them more loyal. 
Our actions are based on establishing close and long-lasting relationships with customers, suppliers and shareholders. To accomplish that goal, our purpose is to help people and businesses prosper by being a Simple, Personal and Fair Bank. 
In 2019, our managerial net profit reached R$ 14.6 billion, growing 17.4% in twelve months. Our total assets totaled R$ 857.5 billion while our loan portfolio amounted R$ 352.0 billion.  

Company History

The Santander Group was founded in Spain in 1857 and has expanded globally through a number of acquisitions and the integration of acquired businesses.

In 1957, the Santander Group first entered the Brazilian market through an operating agreement with Banco Intercontinental do Brasil S.A. Since the 1990s, the Santander Group has sought to establish its presence in Latin America, particularly in Brazil. In 1970, the Santander Group opened a representative office in Brazil, followed by its first branch in 1982. We have continued to pursue this strategy through organic growth, as well as acquisitions, among which the most notable are the following:

• In November 2000, the Santander Group acquired Banespa, a bank owned by the State of São Paulo, and became one of Brazil’s largest financial groups.

• On July 24, 2008, Santander Spain took indirect share control of Banco Real, which it then absorbed into the Santander Group to further consolidate its investments in Brazil. On August 29, 2008, the acquisition by Santander Brasil of Banco Real’s share capital was approved through a share exchange transaction (incorporação de ações), and Banco Real became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Santander Brasil, before being merged into Santander Brasil on April 30, 2009.

Since October 7, 2009, our Units, common and preferred shares have been listed and traded on the B3 and our ADRs representing American Depositary Shares (“ADSs”) registered with the SEC under the Securities Act have been listed and traded on the NYSE.

In recent years, we have acquired companies complementary to our business, such as: (i) Getnet Adquirência e Serviços para Meios de Pagamento S.A. (“GetNet”), a technology company specialized in electronic payment solutions; (ii) we formed a joint-venture in the payroll loan and payroll credit card loan segments known as Banco Olé Bonsucesso Consignado; (iii) we entered into a partnership with Banque PSA Finance (associated with the Peugeot, Citroën and DS automotive brands) as well as a joint venture with Hyundai Capital Services, Inc.; (iv) we launched “ContaSuper,” a pre-paid card system which allows users to manage their daily financial activities entirely online; and (v) we also entered into an agreement with American Airlines Inc. for the marketing and issuance of co-branded credit cards, with the purpose of offering AAdvantage® miles to their respective customers as a result of their daily purchases.

In 2017, we acquired a 70% equity interest in Ipanema Empreendimentos e Participações S.A. (“Ipanema Credit Management”), a company that actively manages overdue loan portfolios and which we believe will further expand our expertise in credit recovery. During the course of 2017, we also announced a joint venture with HDI Seguros S.A. (“HDI Seguros”) in the field of car insurance. We have also continued to expand our customer offering during 2017. For example, we launched Superdigital, an evolution of ContaSuper, which enables customers to manage their finances in a different and dynamic way through a prepaid account.

In 2018, Webmotors S.A., a company in which we indirectly hold 70% equity interest, entered into an agreement to acquire a 51% stake in Loop Gestão de Pátios S.A., or “Loop”. Loop conducts physical and virtual auctions of motor vehicles. This acquisition has enabled Webmotors to expand its service portfolio and strengthen its leadership position. We also set up a company called BEN Benefícios e Serviços S.A., or “BEN Beneficios”, which aims to transform the employee benefits industry (including the provision of meal tickets and related activities), and the launch of PI Distribuidora de Títulos e Valores Mobiliários S.A., or “PI DTVM,” a new online investment platform that complements the product and services we offer to both account and non-account holders.


We are convinced that the best way to grow in a profitable, recurring and sustainable manner is by providing excellent services to enhance customer satisfaction levels and attract more customers, making them more loyal. Our actions are based on establishing close and long-lasting relationships with customers, suppliers and shareholders. To accomplish that goal, our purpose is to help people and businesses prosper by being a Simple, Personal and Fair Bank, guided by the following strategic priorities:

• Increase customer preference and loyalty by offering targeted, simple, digital and innovative products and services through a multi-channel platform.

• Generate results in a sustainable and profitable manner, with greater revenue diversification, aiming to strike a balance between loans, funding and services, while maintaining a preemptive risk management approach and rigorous cost control.

• Be disciplined with capital and liquidity to preserve our solidity, face regulatory changes and seize growth opportunities.

• Achieve profitable market share gains through our robust portfolio, optimize the ecosystem and launch new ventures, consistently improving the customer experience.

This strategy prioritizes close and long-lasting relations with our shareholders as well as alignment with the country’s social and economic development agenda.


We are among the leading multi-service banks providing banking services in Brazil, with operations in Commercial Banking and Global Wholesale Banking:

•  1. Commercial Banking Segment
We focus on building long-term relationships with our account holder and non-account holder customers by extending credit and offering services and products to individuals and corporations (other than global corporate customers who are served by our Global Wholesale Banking segment) through personal loans (including home and automobile financing, unsecured consumer financing, checking account overdraft loans, credit cards and payroll loans), leasing, commercial loans, working capital lines and foreign trade financing. Our products offering extends to private retirement plans, insurance, bill collection and processing services. Our Commercial Banking segment also includes private banking typically for individuals with investment assets of over R$ 5 million. Our business model is based on a tailored approach to each income class of its individual customers (high, mid and low income classes) in order to address their specific needs.

1.1 Retail Banking
1.1.1 Individuals
Our current classification model for Individuals is as follows:

Private Banking Business: serves a select group of customers with at least R$5.0 million in assets available for investment. Our goal is to offer our customers a complete and tailor-made portfolio of onshore and offshore financial products and services, investment advice, loans and asset management through a dedicated manager for investments and banking services;

Santander Select: serves customers with a monthly income above R$20,000, or a monthly income above R$10,000 and R$30,000 in investments, or without monthly income but with over R$300,000 in investments. Our goal is to offer a value proposition with differentiated products and services, exclusive service spaces, relationship managers that serve a small number of customers and asset management advisory services;

Santander Select Direct: serves Santander Select customers who look for more flexible service hours, from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., and who prefer using a digital interface. This segment complements our offering to high-income individuals and broadens our capillarity by also catering to regions where we do not have a physical presence.

Santander Van Gogh: serves customers with a monthly income from R$4,000 to R$10,000, or with at least R$40,000 in investments. Our objective is to address the needs of our customers at each stage of their life and provide them with financial advice through a multichannel relationship, including financial products and services as well as financial advice; and

Santander Especial: serves customers who earn less than R$4,000 per month. Our business model offers simple and efficient solutions with an attractive cost benefit to the customer, primarily through electronic channels.

1.1.2 Small and Medium-sized enterprises:
We serve SMEs through the Santander NegĂłcios e Empresas brand. Our current classification model for SMEs is as follows:

Empresas NĂşcleos (Core Companies): serves companies with annual revenues between R$30 million and R$200 million. Our service model is based on dedicated relationship managers, a team of experts for more complex demands and loan managers specializing in risk management for the segment. We also provide specialized services to multinationals and other major corporates in order to meet their specific needs;

Empresas Polo (Hub Companies): serves companies with annual revenue between R$3 million and R$30 million. We offer these customers a comprehensive range of products and services in a user-friendly fashion principally through a relationship manager based at the customer’s branch. We also have committees specific to these customers in order to provide our customers with credit products;

NegĂłcios AgĂŞncia (Branches Business): serves companies with annual revenue of up to R$3 million. We offer these customers a simple banking solution through an integrated account (Santander Conta Integrada) that combines a corporate account with a payment terminal to provide benefits for the user, who must simply concentrate MasterCard and Visa credit card sales in the Getnet terminal and receipts in a Santander Brasil current account. We believe that this results in greater commercial efficiency as customers receive our products and services through a single point of access with access to standardized and automatically priced products delivered with the assistance of preapproved risk models and automated decision-making system; and

NegĂłcios Direct (Direct Business): serves companies with annual revenue of up to R$300,000. We serve these customers principally through a relationship manager available through online channels. We believe that this improves service availability and simplicity for our customers, including through extended service hours (8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., Monday through Friday). We also offer these customers a full range of other online banking services.

1.2 Corporate Segment:
Our corporate customer segment comprises large companies that have annual gross revenues greater than R$200 million (other than global corporate customers). We focus on fostering a close relationship with our corporate customers by providing them with customer-tailored services in the areas of foreign trade, cash management, structured assets, farm credit and construction.

1.3 Consumer finance: Santander Financiamentos (the commercial brand used by our subsidiary AymorĂ© CFI) is our main consumer finance channel, with expertise in providing consumer credit (for the financing of purchases of motor vehicles, as well as other goods and services) directly to borrowers or through intermediate agencies.

•  2. Global Wholesale Banking
Santander Corporate & Investment Banking (“SCIB”) is the global business unit that covers those customers that, due to their size and complexity, require tailored services or high-value-added wholesale products. In this segment, we provide a wide range of domestic and international financial services to large Brazilian and multinational companies. Our customers in the SCIB segment benefit from the global structure of services provided by the Santander Group with its worldwide integrated wholesale banking network and global services solutions, combined with its local market expertise and provision of integrated services.