Responsible agribusiness

We are partners of the Brazilian rural producer in the transition to more innovative, productive and sustainable agriculture.

In 2018, we allocated R$396.1 million to low-carbon agriculture, modernization and innovation in rural areas, through BNDES lines.

300 agencies oriented towards agribusiness and 21 specialized stores to serve our customers in the most important producing regions.

With the adoption of the integrated crop-farming-forest system, the rural producer Thiago Ienaga increased soybean production by 40% and doubled the rate of cattle occupation at Fazenda Palmeira in Sinop (MT). Get to know this story better:

What we do

Since 2010, we have provided credit followed by technical guidance to rural producers who want to invest in innovation and sustainability in rural areas. The Responsible Agribusiness Program works on two fronts: incentives for low-carbon agriculture, with the adoption of crop and livestock farming systems that combine productivity, conservation of natural resources and lower environmental impacts, and promotion of the use of solar energy.

How it works

Agronomists and agribusiness technicians trained in the Forest Code and socio-environmental issues work in partnership with our commercial teams to identify opportunities for improvement in rural areas and to provide guidance to clients. In addition, we promote events to engage our clients in good socio-environmental practices. In 2018, there were ten events that trained 230 rural producers and agribusiness professionals.

At the same time, we support the viability of the changes through special lines of financing.


We work in partnership with agricultural cooperatives and other organizations to promote responsible agriculture in Brazil. In 2018, we launched, in partnership with Bunge and The Nature Conservancy, a financing mechanism to stimulate deforestation-free agricultural production in the Brazilian Cerrado. In the first phase, US$50 million was made available to the program.

Another example is the “Programa Produzindo Certo” (Producing Properly Program), created in 2015 in partnership with Santander, Bayer, Unilever and Aliança da Terra. The program helps producers in the soybean chain to follow the socio-environmental international standards in accordance with Round Table Responsible Soy (RTRS) certification.